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Scope Cleaning and Restoration on Insurance: What to Have and Why

Has your insurance company recently called you in regards to updating your policy and you aren’t sure what to say to them? Have you tried to think about exactly how much insurance (as well as what insurance) to have on your home but don’t know what the best answer for your needs is? These are

Mold Remediation in Los Angeles Tips as Spring Turns to Summer

Have you noticed a stale, almost musty odor in your home or office building? Did it recently rain? These are just some of the signs that you could be on the precipice of a mold problem (if you don’t have one already). The truth is that a mold issue can be worse than most people

Notice Mold Growing. Cleaning and Restoration in Los Angeles

Mold. Just saying the name is enough to make people wince. Of the many problems with mold, among the worst is that you probably don’t know if it’s there. Sure, you can notice mold growing in the corner of your bathroom, the bathtub, your basement, that kind of thing. However, what you don’t know about

When It Rains, It Molds: Signs It’s Time for Mold Cleanup

With all this recent rain we’ve had, have you noticed a roof leak in your home or property? Have you or someone in your property started to smell musty odors or worse feel ill? In the month of February, prime flu season, it could very well be some kind of seasonal illness. However, when the

Water Damage Cleaning and Restoration: What You Should and Should Never Do

Have the winter rains in Los Angeles caused your home water damage? Did water seep in somehow and now, you aren’t sure what to do about it? These are common concerns in LA during the winter months and really, any time that it rains heavily. When this occurs, it’s natural to feel like the last

Smoke Damage Restoration in Los Angeles: What to Do After the Fire

Have you recently had some kind of fire in your home or office building and aren’t sure what the next step is? Does it seem like there’s a smell (no matter how faint) of smoke in your building and it just won’t go away? The truth is that damaging fires in the Southern California area

Mold Remediation Tips to Keep Mold from Growing this Winter

“What can I do to keep mold from becoming a problem?” That’s a question we’re often asked after a mold remediation job. The truth is that, well, there’s only so much that you can do. Mold, perhaps especially here in Southern California, can creep in. Moreover, it can do so even when you’ve seemingly done

Safe From the 2nd COVID-19 Wave with our Cleaning and Restoration Company

“How can I keep my building safe from COVID-19?” “Is there some way you can clean my place so that the virus definitely isn’t here?” Those are some of the most common questions we’re asked. It’s easy to see why. Not long after the pandemic hit, we were all told, more or less “there will

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